Things I Didn't Know Were Erotic

Sometimes eros surprises. Here are some things I didn't know were erotic until I saw them. Enjoy your stay. :)

Wallander is so beautifully shot that I forget that TH is even in it. (He’s hardly in it anyway.) The landscapes and the mood are just fab. Doesn’t hurt that my high school favorite, Ken Branagh, is on screen most of the time! :)

Any other Wallander fans out there who don’t just skip to all the Tom scenes? ;)

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  2. anthea-or-not-anthea answered: Yes I love it to bits - uber amazing cinematography :D
  3. powerpuffbubbles answered: I watched it for the Hiddles. Stayed because it’s an amazing show from top to bottom.
  4. lokilise answered: Me!!!!!!! LOVE it, can’t wait for S4 which apparently is the last one and that makes me extremely sad
  5. lillylallylooly said: I even watched the episodes Hiddles wasn’t in.
  6. fangirljulie answered: I don’t…He’s actually in it a good deal during the second season. I like Magnus, he’s so sassy :P
  7. a-n-g-i answered: I started watching it, simply because I wanted to see more of Tom’s acting. Feel in love though. My kind of show. =)
  8. viridi-luscus-monstrum said: …kind of a bonus. (my answer is too big, sorry)
  9. viridi-luscus-monstrum answered: Me. I like it too. I started watching because I’ve read some of the books and because of Ken. I didn’t knew that Tom was in it, so it was…
  10. sarahjane-and-thedoctor said: I LOVE Wallander!! I keep meaning to go back and rewatch them but I’m constantly getting distracted & adding things to my “To Watch” list.
  11. z3ncat answered: My mother infected me with her love for Ken Branagh when I was younger, so I’m with you on loving the whole thing.
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