Things I Didn't Know Were Erotic

Sometimes eros surprises. Here are some things I didn't know were erotic until I saw them. Enjoy your stay. :)

My My My Poker Face

pok·er face  

  1. An impassive expression that hides one’s true feelings.
  2. A person with such an expression.

Hiddlestoners, how good is your poker face?

Here is how good mine is.

I was working (setting up discussion boards for my online teaching) while playing Wallander on Netflix in the background on my laptop with my headphones in. (I keep one headphone in and the other out so I can hear what is going on around me.)

My husband walked in and started telling me something and we started having a conversation.

Then, as he starts going into a long technical explanation of something, Magnus starts purring these lines into my ear, including speaking directly to a character, addressing her by name, and the character has the same name as me.

I caught the moan in my throat before it escaped. I kept my expression even, natural, and interested. As far as I can tell, my husband did not suspect anything.

It was challenging, but I think I passed the test?

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    Oh. My. God. I wouldn’t have a poker face. I would have my mouth wide open and my eyes as big as a flys
  2. haytomtomtom answered: Sos una genia. A mi me paso algo parecido con mi marido.
  3. fayfayzee answered: Impressive ;)
  4. hiddlesandbowties answered: Well done!
  5. saeqimo said: I’m so trained, that I can close 5 Tumblr tabs and open cooking website (Orthodox Easter is coming) in split of a sec. And I don’t even have a mouse. I could make a master pickpocket.
  6. serendipitousramblings answered: Damn. Don’t think I could’ve done it
  7. mansikka-sammakko answered: Yes, yes, you mastered this task quite well.
  8. prosaicallynamed answered: Damn woman!! You pro!! Watching Wallander is now atop my priority list (sharing the position with my half finished essay).
  9. mydogisarockstar answered: Yes! Kudos for you and your poker face :D
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